Motherboards are usually found in all computers and even some other devices as it is the hub to which all the other component parts are connected. Often referred to under many different names such as main board, logic board or even colloquially as a mobo, it is the component part which allows all others to work together and function properly. As well as being the component that houses the central processor, the motherboard also hosts the CPU and what are sometimes referred to as the daughter cards; the audio cards, video cards, TV tuner cards, network cards as well as the hard drive. It is the component which the power connects to and it in turn distributes that power to all the other components. It is also the component which houses the USB ports for connecting printers or other peripheral devices and of course also has a port to connect to the internet.

Although when you buy a computer, the motherboard is obviously appropriate for everything that computer claims to be able to do, often it has the potential to allow more by having unused connections. These extra connections may be able to house extra memory boards, higher rated video cards or many other things to improve the effectiveness of your PC. Websites like both explain a motherboard’s functions more fully and also discuss the various different ones which are currently available or are expected to be available in the near future.

Knowing what a PC’s motherboard is capable of is especially important to gamers, those people whose primary function for their PC is to play games. As new games are introduced they often need improved video capacity or audio and use emerging technologies in these fields. As these emerging technologies need new innovative circuit boards to operate fully and to their best possible standard, a gamer may have to buy those additional boards. It is no good buying a board though if it cannot connect to your motherboard and so you should always be aware of your motherboard’s full potential so as not to be disappointed when it does connect.

Some gamers have opted to buy new motherboards and when they do, they ensure that it is a motherboard ideally suited for gaming as opposed to other uses people have for PCs. Although the makers of the new games try and use existing connections, sometimes they find that the existing ones are too limiting and so have to devise new ones and it are these new connections which your current PCs motherboard may not have, unless of course it is also very new. It is always best to play any game as it was designed to be played as then it provides the best enjoyment but that is only possible if you have all the component parts which the game recommends you have which of course means, your motherboard has to be able to connect with them and host them, making them become an intricate part of the existing PC.